We invite you to check out some of the seasonal beers and new arrivals that are available at Glencoe Wine & Spirits. These are just a sampling of a wide array of craft, domestic, and import beers that we carry. We also invite you to check out our promotions page for current sales and upcoming beer tastings. You can also sign up for our Fan Club to receive emails on future promotions and events. Cheers!

Sam '76

Sam ’76. Part Lager. Part Ale. All flavorful refreshment. Enjoy this delicious beer from Samuel Adams Brewing Company. It has the Flavor of an Ale and the Crisp Refreshing Finish of a Lager. Crisp and refreshing sip after sip. So good!

Deschutes Jubelala

Cocoa, dried fruit, and toffee notes highlight this robust ale. It spotlights an array of warm spiciness and tradition grace making a bold, complex winter ale. The deep garnet color pairs perfectly with holiday celebrations.  

Dogfish 75 Minute IPA

This IPA is brewed with maple syrup, while being continually hopped throughout the boil, and then dry-hopped with a slew of cascade hops. The result is a malty and earthy brew with citrusy-pine aromas, balanced by subtle maple notes. Yum!

Tip Up Winter Ale

Beaver Island’s Tip-Up winter ale is brewed with a touch of smoked German Beechwood smoked malt, Minnesota hops, and a late kettle addition of young Minnesota spruce tips. Our hope is to encompass the joys of MN winters; a warming fire and the scent of conifers.

Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout

This Minnesota made Oatmeal Stout pours a light black/brown color with a beige head. The aroma is light but highlights bittersweet chocolate, black coffee, creamy malts & a touch of vanilla. The taste follows with plenty of chocolate & coffee malt flavors. Enjoy!

Goose Parka Porter

Goose Island’s Parka Porter has a mild roast on the palate from chocolate and caramel malts. It’s mild caramel sweetness and notes of chocolate make this porter a great selection if you’re looking for a well rounded porter for the winter season.