We invite you to check out some of our featured spirits and other new arrivals that are available at Glencoe Wine & Spirits. These are just a sampling of a wide array of spirits that we carry. We also invite you to check out our promotions page for current sales and upcoming tasting events. You can also sign up for our Fan Club to receive emails on future promotions and events. Cheers!


Nothing beats an original rum. But Malibu isn’t just an original, it’s sunshine in a bottle with a smooth fresh flavour. That’s why it’s the world’s best-selling coconut flavoured Caribbean rum. Malibu also comes in a variety of flavors. 

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry has the cooling taste of Cherry, Citrus, and Sweet Blue Raspberry flavors all combined for a refreshingly delicious taste of freedom. Perfect chill and mixed in your favorite summer cocktails.

Revel Stoke Peach Whiskey

New to the line up of Revel Stoke Whisky’s is PEACH! A perfect peachy sweetness followed with mild spices and masterfully blended with the always smooth Revel Stoke Canadian Whisky. 

Tattersall Spirits

We love Tattersall’s Bootlegger. It’s distilled with a refreshing blend of lemon, lime, mint and vodka. A perfect balance of clean and crisp, sweet and tart. Just add soda water for your new go-to cocktail. We also carry several other of their MN made spirits. 

Crooked Water

This MN distillery makes an unbelievably delicious double barreled bourbon. It delivers an intense and beautiful experience with rounded notes of deep vanilla, burnt caramel and smoldering campfire. We also carry a number of their other fantastic spirits.

Espolon Tequila

Espolon Tequila offers a variety of tequila. Blanco is for shaking; Reposado is for sharing; Anejo is for sipping. Try one of the great flavors of Espolon Tequila!